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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAVerona, where I have lived for over twenty years, is seventy-five miles from Venice, one hundred miles from Milan and light years from El Dorado, Kansas, where I grew up reading  Black Arrow, Nancy Drew and The Three Musketeers.  I would climb right down inside each story and live within it. They offered me windows on worlds that I could not actually see from my vantage point on the Great Plains, where the only sound was the relentless wind sweeping uninterrupted across the fields and the view consisted of a flat yellow line of golden wheat crisply abutting a cloudless blue sky.

Books made me an adventurer (what a pity that the word adventuress has fallen into disrepute). A well written novel allows a child to live in the skin of another person – the hero – and to thereby understand heroic behavior: defending the weak, forgiving the foolish, having the confidence to take that first daring step into the world alone. 

I left Kansas at a tender age and rambled and read – picking grapes in Champagne and Bordeaux, studying wine tasting in London, working as a sommelier in New York, and wine tasting tutor in New York, London and Verona.  Now, I write about wine, Italy, culture and books for magazines and websites around the world. I’m also the author of books about wine, including Wine with Asian Food, Wines of Italy and Bacchus at Baker Street.

On this site I publish my Diary, which includes highlights from my interviews with winemakers and authors, musings on books and wines, and glimpses of the odd characters and events that seem to pop up in a well spent life.

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