12 March

Medieval cookies with Recioto di Soave

We attend a press conference-tasting at the Loggia di Fra Giocono in Piazza dei Signori in Verona. Our pal Lorenzo has been studying ancient recipes and after years of trial and error has created a cookie that is ideal for serving with Recioto di Soave (www.svevi.it), the sweet wine made from passito grapes in the Soave zone. The principal ingredients in the cookies are almond paste and rose essence. Very nice.

We then taste through Recioto di Soaves. Of the many attractive wine these are the ones I found particularly intriguing.
2003 Villa Erbice. Like grape juice infused with a bracing acidity.

2007 Vicentini A vibrancy on the palate. A rounded citrus note. The fruit linger on the finish.

2006 Gini A fresh citrusy acidity lifts the elegant (pineapple-tinged) fruit.