Edmund Cane, Author
Stanley, dog

To understand the significance of these pictures whiz down to October7 Can-tina.




2001 Pietramora Sangiovese di Romagna from Fattoria Zerbina. Rich ruby/browning plum juice color. Nose: Sharp, precise cherry fragrance with an undertow of minerality. On the palate: Fruit (sour cherry) skims across the palate and settles into a satisfying pattern of flavor, a weave of fruit and zesty, smoky notes. Very satisfying.  Will drink it with lunch.

Let me go on record as saying that I LOVE SANGIOVESE DI ROMAGNA. The fruit is often so round and pleasing that the wines can be well matched with vegetarian dishes.  Many of my friends are witty (as opposed to serious) vegetarians, thus this is an important consideration for me.

Outside my window an angry shouting matching is taking place between a woman and a man.  She is so angry that it must be a lover’s spat. Wow, it has gone on for 30 min.  I thank my stars I am not given to hysterical (and ultimately useless) expressions of this kind.

“What’s wrong with those people,” says Michael.  “Do you think we should call the police?”

After 45 minutes the shouting subsides.  Presumably they are both tired.