The Venetian Hills: A Connoisseur’s Companion to the Colli Euganei

DSCN0110This book was conceived in an elevator in Singapore. I was there to participate in a mega-tasting – wines from around the planet in a vast multistoried venue. I was standing in front of an elevator, the doors opened and there was Frank Zanovello, one of my favorite wine producers. On the ride up we groused about how difficult it is to sell wines from the Colli Euganie abroad because people outside Italy are afraid to pronounce the name. It is eh (as in pen), oo (as in too), gah (as in father), nay (as in say). Eh.oo-gah-nay. By the time we reached our vertical destination it was decided that I should write a book about the zone. I have always found the Euganean Hills beautiful and strange an quite unlike any other place on earth. So I was delighted to investigate further. For a couple of years I made regular trips there gathering information, interviewing people, tasting wine, visiting restaurants. And then the funding for the book wandered away. I finished the manuscript and put it in the box under my desk, the resting place of good ideas that have passed away. Six years later, I received a phone call from Franco telling me that the Strada del Vino of the Collie Euganei was looking for a 2015 project. Bim-bam-boom. The manuscript became a book.