December 2016

First things first: Book. December was such a bitter-sweet month, filled with so much sadness, that I found myself dipping into Dhammapada: The Sayings of the BuddhaWe are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.

1Holiday Wines: These wines are ideal for the holidays because they are so incredibly versatile when it comes to matching them with food. This means they can be served with an important meal…and they can also be served the next day with creatively prepared leftovers. Each also has the added value of being excellent choices for vegetarian cuisine.

Donnafugata’s Sur Sur (made from the Grillo grape). I had always thought of this as a warm weather wine. However, I discovered that it is excellent on a grey, melancholy December day, when its lively floral, grassy fragrance brings a welcome breath of Spring. Its broad fruity flavor and sprightliness on the palate means that it can go with a wide variety of dishes as well as being excellent when served simply with friends and good conversation.

Drei Dona’s 2010 Cuvee Palazza Sangiovese Riserva. I liked Cuvee Palazza from the very first time I tried it – lo these many years ago. It is rich, silky, full, flavorful and can be easily matched with nut-based (particularly walnuts) and bean-based vegetarian dishes.

And, let’s face it, if you are serving a super-mega chocolate and raspberry jam enhanced hand-crafted Panettone, then Donnafugata’s Ben Rye is the wine to choose. It can maintain its dignity while generously accompanying this buttery bomb of flavor.

High spots this December: A dandy lunch at the Osteria Carro Amato with Susan H. and Annalisa. Going to Mantova with Gian Paolo to visit the Palazzo Ducale. Dancing to 60s music in the tiny basement of a Verona pub. Meeting with 8 other members of the Chievo Soccer fan club (and Stanley) to watch X Factor because one of our members had a cousin in the competition: Eva, who came in third!  The winning band, Soul System, was from Verona. Here is a link to Eva’s performances.


A Memory:  Hugh Johnson’s breathtaking wine notes

I was cleaning out my filing cabinet – yes, I still have a filing cabinet containing pieces of paper – when I came across the program from a Chateau Latour tasting -The Grand Tasting New York Wine Experience, dated Sunday 27th October 1991.

Hugh in his youth
Hugh in his youth

How well I remember that huge tasting. Hugh Johnson, an imposing figure with wild eyebrows and a firm jaw, took the stage to talk the roomful of eager tasters through a series of Château Latour vintages. In his posh, mellow English voice he rhapsodized about one of the wine’s “soft, suede bag of tannin holding jewels of flavor” He described the “threatening intensity” of another wine, “its rapier thrust, that deep penetration of entry.” Of a 1985 Latour he said: “It makes your mouth feel as if it is not quite big enough.” He spoke of its “brooding, but slow, unthreatening pace of entry.

I was stunned and stopped taking professional notes and began writing down everything he said. “It ravishingly enters the mouth in velvet slippers. It opens without effort….”  I glanced furtively at the tasters on either side of me. Was I the only one in the room who realized that besides having a highly successful career as a writer of gardening and wine books, Hugh had the potential to open new and exciting avenues in soft-core pornography?

Little Ed in his extreme youth
Little Ed in his extreme youth

I also came across my dog Ed’s first article, which was written for Decanter, along with the commissioning note from the editor. What a dog! I miss him still.


Dog Lovers Please Note: Missing Ed does not diminish my total adoration of Stanley.