Asian Food: New Frontiers in Taste

My colleague Edwin Soon and I wrote this book out of our common love of cooking and our shared passion for wine, developed over some twenty years of working with this fascinating product. In it we have distilled our experience into an uncomplicated method for matching wines from around the world with the flavors of Asian cuisines. The book contains fifty recipes from China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, along with ample wine suggestions.


How this book came to be: 

This book sprang from some snapshots of vineyard dogs and was nurtured at swimming pools in Italy and Singapore. I met Edwin Soon on a journalist’s trip. He had a camera and I did not. I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and this trip had a pack of fine, sweet-faced animals. Edwin took some photos for me and promised to send them to me once he was back in Singapore. I never expected to see them because promises made on these trips are seldom kept. However, a few weeks later a large envelope arrived from Singapore. I wrote Edwin a “thank you” email. Soon we were regularly exchanging emails. Naturally we began to write to each other about matching food and wine. We both kept coming across the notion that Sauvignon Blanc made an ideal partner for Thai food, an idea with which neither of us agreed. We felt that a less herbaceous wine was called for and settled on the floral and slightly mineral notes of a top-flight Soave. Every snippet of wine pairing lore that struck us as inappropriate inspired a fresh volley of e-mails. From hypothetical musings we began to test our theories in Singapore and Verona and points in-between. We would meet up periodically on journalist trips and, by the pool while our colleagues were resting, we began developing our ideas on pairing Asian food with wines from around the world. So, dear readers, this book exists because I wanted a picture of a dog and Edwin was thoughtful enough to send it to me!