Patricia Guy writes widely about wine for magazines around the world. She is also the author of books about wine, including:

• Wines of Italy
• Amarone: Verona’s Great Red Wine &
• Wine with Asian Food: New Frontiers in Taste.
s. Guy began her wine career in France as a vendangeuse, and eventually worked as a sommelier, a wine-tasting tutor and a wine buyer. She brokered Bordeaux and fine Italian wine in London for four years, while preparing for professional wine trade exams set by the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust. She studied oenology and viticulture at Plumpton College in Sussex, and developed her blind-tasting skills while studying for three years in London with Maggie McNie, M.W. She won The International Vintners Scholarship in 1989 and the Wine Spectator Scholarship in 1992.
Ms. Guy moved to Verona, Italy in 1991 where she is a member of Le Donne del Vino. She teaches tasting to members of the public, wine trade professionals, and oenology students at the University of Verona’s Wine Department. She serves frequently on juries for international wine competitions, and her wine tasting skills have received special recognition. She has been honored in Italy as a Castellana di Suavia and as a Cavaliere del Sovrano e Nobilissimo Ordine dell’Antico Recioto.
She first met Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson when she was twelve years old. Some years later, on the eve of her first fateful trip to France to study viticulture she was asked to join the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes club. Thus, her entry into the wine trade and her official Sherlockian status are forever intertwined.

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