July 2013

July 30 Romagna on Parade

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIn keeping with my vow to taste at least 2 wines from Emilia Romagna every month until the samples in my foyer are depleted….


The “MorAle” Sangiovese Superiore 2011, produced by PODERI MORINI has the vibrant, fruity, cherry-near-the-pit flavor that I expect to find in a nice Sangiovese di Romanga.  It also shares the ability to pair well with vegetarian foods….bean burritos or an arugula and fresh, soft cheese pizza would be fabulous with this wine.   


A note about PODERI MORINI Morosé Brut sparkling wine can be found in the July 1 entry.  If you want to know more about Sangiovese di Romagna – the production area and grape variety, whiz down to the June diary.    


July 26 I Can Sing Again!!!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe world is brighter and lighter and infinitely more entertaining because of this.  I hadn’t realized that everything is a song cue for me until this recent problem with my voice.



July 25 The Taming of the Shrew

3I went to the TEATRO ROMANO to see The Taming of the Shrew performed by the PROPELLER THEATRE COMPANY, an all male English troupe. 

The show was lively and funny…and then the last 15 minutes were potent, disturbing and yet exhilarating – simply sublime.


It concerns the scene where Kate admonishes the other wives to obey their husbands.  Dan Wheeler, the man playing Kate, was stunning. He didn’t play Kate as a woman submitting to her superior male…he played her like a person vanquished…a person whose inner structure had collapsed. Magnificent. 


Kate’s monologue ends with her on her knees, her hand held out for Petrucchio to step on should he choose.  There was silence on stage and silence in the audience for a good 30 seconds (an eternity in the theatre).  AND THEN Petrucchio got up and walked over to Kate.  He looked down at her. We saw different emotions playing across his face…including tenderness….AND THEN he stomps on her hand.  Another 30 seconds of silence on stage and in the audience. Then the other players leave the stage and the actor playing Petrucchio dons a coat and hat to indicate that he is no longer Petrucchio.  He says, stunned: “Where has everyone gone…where are the actors?”  And the actor playing Kate – still in Kate’s costume – comes on stage and snarls with barely supressed rage: “It only a play”.


Whew! The lights went down. The lights came up. The actors came out. And the audience went wild.  


If you have a chance to see The Propeller Theatre Company – do so!

July 23 – 27 The 19th annual San Gio Video Festival

Our pal Ugo created this event and continues to see it through despite a budget of practical nothing.  He also arranged for the jury to visit local wineries.  www.sangiofestival.it




July 15 Ray Bradbury

To quote a favorite author Ray Bradbury: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

July 7 Off to Chievo to eat watermelon and watch the players

I love the Chievo soccer club . not that I can be convinced to go to any of their games.  But I love them and their management.  Their fan events are so wonderfully old-fashioned: the players are polite and dogs and small children are happily welcomed.  I always feel like I have popped out of a time machine at these things.     




.July 2 Off to the Oltrepo Pavese

Raise your hand if you know where that is.  Ah, right…well, perhaps I had better tell you. First of all, it is in the ron of Lombardy.  Lombardy’s major city is Milan.  And the gently hilly Oltrepo Pavese wine production zone is about 40 minutes by car from Milan.  It is about an hour and a half by car from Verona – if that car is driven by a fearless, text-messaging, tail-gating Italian.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am visiting Zonin’s IL BOSCO estate, which produces some very fine sparkling wines, to listen to wine consultant Nicolas Secondé.

He said: “For an enologist the Pinot Noir is the most difficult grape to work with. I’ve worked with it in Champagne, Alsace and Luxemburg. Pinot Noir is fantastique!”   

The two wines that stood out for me:

IL Bosco 2007 Oltrenero. Pale gold. Persistent small bubbles. Fresh, clean and inviting nose: frozen lemons. I close my eyes and see pastels – decisive pastels. On the palate: austere at first. A touch of hazelnuts and a whirl of sharp fruit on the finish.  I return to the wine after 20 minutes. It is firm and floral. Its fruit has settled down and broadened. After 35 minutes the frozen lemon and wild flower fragrances merge. Very nice.  After 40 minutes it softens and broadens and juicy white peach fruit emerges.  The finish is still fruit filled.  Very nice wine.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIl Bosco Oltrenero Rosato   Pale pastel pink. Fresh, frozen strawberries, red currants. Bright and appealing. After 20 minutes white fruit flavors emerge – slightly under-ripe white peaches. After 25 minutes the wine is fruity and elegant on the nose, and the touch of salinity becomes more apparent.     

Both wines are based on Pinot Noir and both are made with the metodo classico. This is the Italian term for the Champagne Method, where the second fermentation – the one that creates the bubbles – takes place in the bottle, as opposed to taking place in large tanks.

July 1 Doctor’s orders          

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI put a bottle of sparkling Morosé from PODERI MORINI in the fridge before I leave for my appointment with my new medico di base. 

I ask him why I am still hoarse and croaky.  He LISTENED to me.  He READ all my documentation.  When he was done reading he looked up and said: “Wow, you’ve taken just about everything for this condition, haven’t you!”.  “Yep”.

Anyway, he gave me a prescription for some tablets and a syrup.  He says that within 5 days I should be much better and that I should continue the treatment for the rest of the month.  Hooray.  I really hate not being able to sing. I returned home with a song in my heart, if not on my lips, and opened the wine.

PODERI MORINI Morosé Brut sparkling wine.  A fine, pale cherry/blood orange rosé.  Clean, bright nose.  The idea of frozen strawberries on nose and palate.  Very clean on the finish, with a fine vibration of strawberry fruit.  A very nice summer tipple.  It is made from an indigenous variety called Centesimino grown in the Oriolo zone.