Photos just in

It is all very romantic living in a 15th century palazzo in the centro storico of Verona. However, this is not the best location for wireless internet service. There are days when the only way to get a firm connection is to sit on a crate in a certain corner of the back balcony. (I do not believe the crate is essential in this process but location certainly is.) I have decided to blame the random placement of the photos in this month’s diary on the iffy connection.
At any rate, two very nice images arrived today and I thought they should be added to the June Diary. The first is Burt Bacharach and Franco Ziliani, taken at the concert organized by Berlucchi. The second is from Lorenza Vitali, of Witaly ( It is a photo of me and Sra. Pezzi, owner of Fattoria Paradiso.