Speaking of Wine

Is written in English (with a precise Italian translation on every facing page). It includes terms used in viticulture, winemaking, tasting and business. It is designed as a language aid for Italians and English-speakers who work with Italian wines.


How this book came to be: 

I was asked to join Le Donne del Vino, an organization made up of women who work with Italian wine either as winemakers, producers, marketers or journalists. I was whining one afternoon to the president of the Veneto chapter, Nadia Zenato, about how I missed teaching tasting. I am good at it and it gives great pleasure to help people hone their abilities. She promptly suggested that I do a “Wine Tasting in English” course for Italian wine producers and restaurateurs. The course proved to be very popular. With every repetition, my list of Italian-English words about tasting, viticulture, winemaking and sales grew longer. Often during Vinitaly, the annual wine trade fair held in Verona, I would be approached by former students who would ask for another photocopy of my wine vocabulary because, they said, their importers from the United States and England had taken (some used the word “stolen”) their copy of my text. A few years later, at a tasting in Piedmont, I met two English teachers and we teamed up to make this useful little book. It is intended for professionals who work with Italian wine.