These Photos Just In

It is all very romantic living in a 15th century palazzo in the centro storico of Verona. However, this is not the best location for wireless internet service. There are days when the only way to get a firm connection is to sit on a crate in a certain corner of the back balcony. (I do not believe the crate is essential in this process but location certainly is.) I have decided to blame the random placement of the photos in June diary on the iffy connection.

At any rate, two very nice images arrived today and I thought they should be added to the June Diary. The first is from Lorenza Vitali, of Witaly ( It is a photo of me and Sra. Pezzi, owner of Fattoria Paradiso and the other is Burt Bacharach and Franco Ziliani, taken at the concert organized by Berlucchi.